Jolla announces that it is unable to fulfill all Jolla tablet crowdfunding perks

Jolla announces that it is unable to fulfill all Jolla tablet crowdfunding perks

Jolla has announced that the serious financing challenge in November-December had unfortunately had a bigger impact on the Jolla tablet project, and as the financial situation is improving, the company is actively planning the best way to finalise the project and to find a solution that fits towards both – Jolla tablet contributors as well as future business plans, along with the investors.

According to the Jolla Blogpost, “We don’t have all pieces of the puzzle figured out just yet, but a few things are now certain: we are happy to say that we will be shipping an additional small batch of the Jolla Tablet to early backers during early 2016, targeting to send invitations during January. The bad news here is that we are not able to complete the production to fulfil all contributions. In other words, all of our backers will not get a Jolla Tablet. However, you can be sure you will not end up empty handed. We might even have some positive surprises in stock for you. But more on that will follow, feel free to speculate!”

Last year, Finland’s Jolla, the Nokia break-away operating system company that transformed its erstwhile MeeGo operating system into Sailfish, will also focus on India, but only on the software platform, in an attempt to expand in fast-growing markets. As part of its changed strategy, the Finnish brand will also tie up with local e-commerce and apps to provide regional content on the operating system itself.

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