Philips announces Sonos-like multi-room wireless speakers with Izzy range

CES 2016: Philips announces Sonos-like multi-room wireless speakers with Izzy range

Philips has introduced a new line of multi-room speakers called the Izzy series at the ongoing CES 2016. The Philips Izzy range of multi-room Bluetooth speakers consist of the BM5, BM6, BM7, BM50 and Fidelio E6 detachable speakers, all of which can work either individually or together upon pressing the ‘Izzylink’ button.

Clearly, this is a take at Sonos, a company that has been building HiFi wireless audio systems since 2002. The new Izzy range builds on this and adds Philips’ expertise in sound to improve the wireless audio experience even further.

Philips Izzylink BM50B

The Philips Izzy BM50B (image shown above) is the biggest one of the lot. It packs in a 40W amplifier along with two full-range speakers and a bass box that is priced at 279 euros (approximately Rs 20,500). It also supports Bluetooth playback from other devices. The BM50B also packs a radio and USB support and can connect to CD players for playback as well. More importantly, it pairs well with the BM50 or BM5 when connected via Izzylink.

Philips Fidelio E5 Izzylink

Also showcased was the Philips Fidelio E6 (image shown above) that features two 40 centimeter tall side speakers and a pair of wireless speakers that can be detached from the same. Philips states that the two detachable wireless speakers can be placed anywhere in the room to deliver a richer audio experience with 5.1 surround sound. This is all thanks to the spatial calibration technology that delivers balanced sound no matter where you place them.

Philips Izzylink BM5 Wireless Speakers

Strangely, the BM5 (image shown above) is already available on sale at Amazon along with the BM50B. The Philips BM5 is price at 99 USD (approximately Rs 6700), while the BM50B is priced at 199.99 GBP (approximately Rs 20,000). For now there are no details as to when the rest of the speakers will begin shipping.