Samsung and Microsoft renew partnership with focus on IoT; announce Galaxy TabPro S with Windows 10

CES 2016: Samsung and Microsoft renew partnership with focus on IoT; announce Galaxy TabPro S with Windows 10

Samsung and Microsoft’s partnership in the tech world is nothing new indeed. But today, Samsung is clearly known more for its worldwide Android smartphone market share than anything else. So Microsoft renewing its partnership with Samsung seemed more like a give and take situation when it was announced at CES 2016, where Samsung benefits from Windows 10 IoT core services, while Microsoft benefits in the form of big brand coming under its fold, in the form of the just announced Surface-like Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet powered by Windows 10.

Microsoft recently celebrated Windows 10 running on more than 200 million computers worldwide. At CES this year there were a number of launches in terms of computing systems that came from Acer, Alcatel, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and many more. But there’s another area to be explored and that is IoT or the Internet of Things.

This year’s CES clearly focussed on two core areas, Virtual Reality (VR) and IoT and there were plenty of brands showcasing stuff made for the same that also included Samsung. So when Microsoft’s Terry Myerson took to the stage, everyone expected Microsoft to jump onto the IoT bandwagon but that apparently did not happen. His announcement was more to do with the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S that anything else.

“With Windows 10, both companies wanted to do something great together, and we showcased the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, along with our shared vision for future innovation together across the entire Internet of Things,” said Myerson in a blog post. The same clarified that the focus with Samsung is on IoT, “We’re excited about today’s devices and we’re also inspired about the potential of tomorrow. Along with Samsung, we share a common vision for millions and millions of devices and Things all communicating together using open protocols and standards within inclusive ecosystems, inspiring the creativity of software developers, device manufacturers, and rising star Makers around the world.”

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet Microsoft Windows 10

Coming to the ultra thin Galaxy TabPro S (image shown above), which comes with a form factor similar to Microsoft’s Surface Pro range that was just launched in India. Microsoft proudly stated that it is thinner and lighter than the Apple iPad Pro and that it also packs in an Intel chipset with active pen support and 10 hours of battery life.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet Microsoft Windows 10 Top

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S packs in a 12-inch AMOLED display and also happens to be the first tablet, powered by Windows, to support LTE Cat 6. More importantly it also feature Fast Charge tech, that can charge the tablet in just 2.5 hours. In terms of connectivity, the 2-in-1 also features multi-port adapter (HDMI, USB Type A & C) and Bluetooth Pen are available for purchase separately. And you get all of the above in a construction that is just 6.3mm thin and weighs just 693 grams.