Google’s Touring Bird by Area 120 Lets You Explore and Book Travel Experiences

Google's Touring Bird by Area 120 Lets You Explore and Book Travel Experiences

Google has built a website called Touring Bird that offers travellers a one-stop place to explore, compare, and book travel experiences. Available under the company’s Area 120 incubator, the newest project offers guides for 20 cities across the United States, Europe, and India. It helps users find new places to spend holidays as well as provides a way to compare different deals for a list of travel marketplaces. The Touring Bird site also gives tips and recommendations from locals and travel experts. First-time visitors to a place can also find the top sights and area attractions and read their facts at a glance. Similarly, there are options that can be visited for free.

At present, Touring Bird is offering information for a few major destinations around the globe. The list includes Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, New Delhi, New York, Orlando, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington DC. Once you click on any of the listed places, the website shows you the top three sights of the place. You can scroll down to see all the tours and activities available in the place, local tips, and free tours.

Similarly, you can select any of the tours or activities available to get a glimpse of its experience as well as check the prices for each of the listed tours or activities. Google has highlighted the cancellation policy for the tours and activities available at each place to avoid any conflict upon your arrival. Furthermore, you can choose from the available dates and then proceed for your reservation directly from the Touring Bird website.

There are providers such as Viator, WithLocals, and Expedia that are powering the tours and activities. The website shows the cheapest tours and activities first, but of course, there is a way to add filters as per your requirements as well. You can also view star ranking for each of the options available online. Moreover, you can simply select the dates of your travel from the top bar of the website to get appropriate results.

To deliver a curated experience to travellers, to Google Touring Bird offers tips from local experts. You can also look for the free tours available at your destination to enjoy your trip and explore new places without spending a penny. Additionally, you can visit new areas as per your interests. For instance, you can see what’s “Instagram-worthy” in New Delhi or what are the “local tastes” in Amsterdam.

Touring Birds is currently available only in English. This means it isn’t useful for non-English speaking travellers. However, it has some great visuals to that look to entice your interest for new places.