Special software to improve guest services at hotels

QiK Cricle CEO Tubby Kapoor demonstrating an app at the 34 th convention of IATO, in Visakhapatnam.

Nothing can be more frustrating than waiting in a hotel lobby to know the vacancy of rooms when you are in a new city or calling to the reception for placing your order for food or beverage and waiting for services.

The QiK Rooms Private Limited, a start-up specialising in the hospitality sector, has launched a cloud-based, server-based software solution for hotels to improve their guest services, at the ongoing 34th annual convention of the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) here on Friday.

How it works

QiK Circle solution enables the hospitality service providers to streamline their daily operations, resulting in greater satisfaction of guests, its CEO Tubby Kapur said.

“Through its A.R.M.S (asset and resource management software), the system incorporates all operations and features such as front desk, check-in, house-keeping, restaurant operations, banquets and catering and spa. It will result in considerable cost-cutting and improve efficiency,” he explained.

The all-in-one software solution is highly flexible and it could be used in all sorts of properties from economy hotels to star hotels, convention centres, and resorts.

He said that the theme of this year’s IATO conference was inspired by the challenges faced by the hospitality industry to meet the target of 20 million tourists by 2020, set up by the Union Tourism Ministry.

Colour code

The property management system would require minimal training of the hotel staff.

“The guests can download the app on their cellphones to get the required service from hotels. The information boxes are colour coded for easy understanding and identification. They will also receive a message about the time required to complete their orders,” Mr. Kapur added.