Telegram v5.6 Brings Swipe to Archive, New Design, Bulk Chat Options, and More

Telegram v5.6 Brings Swipe to Archive, New Design, Bulk Chat Options, and More

Telegram receives a new update, now available via Google Play and App Store.

  • Telegram receives an update, bumping its version to 5.6
  • The update brings a lot of new useful features
  • Update available on both Google Play and App Store

With a focus on speed and security, Telegram has received a new update bumping its app version to 5.6. And this is not yet another update, but instead, this is a big one. Among the new key features that we get in the new version is the ability to archive chats with just a swipe. Moreover, there are a tonne of new features like pinning an unlimited number of chats in the archive, bulk chat actions, more information at a glance, and so on. Telegram is also boasting about its messenger app’s new design. There’s a new icon for the Android app and users will also notice many design changes throughout the app’s menu and UI.

In this new version of Telegram, the company is introducing archived chats that will help in sorting your active or inactive chats with just a simple swipe. Like we said, swipe left to archive a chat and swipe the archived chat to hide it. Further, muted archived chats remain muted forever unless you change the setting. And while you can archive as many chats as you want, you can also pin them according to your liking in any order. So whenever an archived chat receives a notification, it will move back to your chat list. But when you archive it again, it will return to the original place that you had set for them.

The company’s focus with this update is to present users with a faster and more intuitive experience while using the messenger app. According to the company’s blog post, there are improvements everywhere within the app. Everything is faster like selecting multiple chats, pinning them, muting them, archiving them or deleting them. Additionally, there’s a new sharing menu, the comments field now comes with emoji support, online badges, easier forwarding of texts and more. Other new features include a new quick forwarding button, up to three lines of text in the chats list, support for 6-digit passcodes on iOS, the ability to quickly clear recently used stickers, ability to copy links to messages in private groups and channels, and finally, online indicators in the chat list and sharing menu